Villas Ibiza Rentals | Cala Tarida has a serene seashore and popular for the restaurants and bars

Villas Ibiza Rentals | Cala Tarida has a serene seashore and popular for the restaurants and bars

Villas Ibiza is providing the luxurious villa- Villa Bliss, which is situated at Cala Tarida

One of Ibiza's most superb retreats, Ibiza sea shore Cala Tarida is the longest and largest seashore of fine white sand on the island's west coast. Popular for the wonderful blue, turquoise, and emerald green waters, Ibiza sea shore Cala Tarida's sandy shores have a touch of something for everybody – including seashore volleyball, water sports, and surprisingly a plunging school. Swimming out to the delightful choice of curiously formed, level rocks, which you can swim around or lie on for a singular sunbathe.

Shallow waters, kid-accommodating exercises, and a lifeguard working make this seashore particularly mainstream with families, just as holidaymakers remaining on the close by resort and lodgings. The seashore can get very occupied at end of the week during the long stretch of August, however, don't worry – it's so enormous (almost 1km wide!) that there's quite often a lot of room to oblige!

Area: In the little hotel of Cala Tarida, 10 minutes drive from San José, 15 minutes drive from San Antonio

Offices: bars, lifeguards, sunbeds, parasols, cafés

Exercises: plunging school, pedalos, volleyball

Size: It stretches between 900 meters in length & 25 meters wide

Arriving: Reached via vehicle or ship in the mid-year season, follow signs from San Antonio or San José. Stopping in devoted spaces.

A shielded inlet at the little hotel of Cala Tarida with the longest and greatest seashore of fine white sand on this side of the island. The perfect, clear waters over a sandy base are shallow to a serious way out on the right, further and more rough to one side. The shades of the ocean here are genuinely superb; turquoise, sky blue, and emerald green.

Behind the seashore are very much urbanized slopes with the lodging club simply behind, the accommodation of this making Cala Tarida a mainstream family seashore. There are additionally shops directly on the seashore to purchase inflatables, swim stuff, and volleyballs if sunbaking simply doesn't cut it for you. In case you're searching for a single spot, there are some little secret inlets north of the seashore with a determination of curiously formed rocks to swim out to.


Some spectacular seashore bars and cafés directly on the seashore empower you to pick anything from a nibble to a full feast. The exquisite Cotton Beach Club is mainstream with the rich and acclaimed. Other mainstream eateries incorporate Aisea (with unrecorded music) and Ses Eufabies directly on the seashore.


In the little retreat of Cala Tarida, you'll track down a huge lodging club on the slope behind the seashore and a few little apartment buildings. Moreover, there is a decent decision of flawless occasion manors close by.

The enthusiastic retreat of San Antonio is just 10 km away, with various inns and lofts for all financial plans.

Villa to rent at Cala Tarida, Ibiza Town: Villa Bliss

Villas Ibiza is proving the villa for rentals, events, and shoots of films in Ibiza. It has the most luxurious and prestigious designed with panoramic sunset views. The villa is set on 16,000 sqm of acreage with 550 sqm of internal space.

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