Villas Ibiza Rentals | Cala Jondal is a spacious place for exploring the turquoise water & hilly mountains.

Villas Ibiza Rentals | Cala Jondal is a spacious place for exploring the turquoise water & hilly mountains.

Villas Ibiza is providing the luxurious villa- Villa Sira, which is situated at Cala Jondal.

As you roll over the peak driving down towards the selective Cala Jondal region, striking turquoise water shines underneath the skyline, encircled by perfect pine woods and rich, rough red precipices while colossal dim stones structure a significant length of the seashore, with a stretch of brilliant sand at the south end. This is perhaps the most staggering property in Ibiza – an absolute necessity to visit the seashore for all. Fashionistas and gathering individuals swagger their stuff in the seashore bars, while youthful families continue the far edge.

There's continually something occurring in Cala Jondal, from the noon surge in the eateries to the après-seashore mixed drinks in the bars and surprisingly unrecorded music and amusement. Start with a long lunch and afterward see where the evening takes you! Cala Jondal is for the whole gang – while the super stylish seashore cafés give throughout the day five-star feasting and music for those fortunate enough to be roosted on one of the larger than usual white sunbeds, for the individuals who incline toward a more rural seashore insight, the bistros and chiringuitos offer a more easygoing undertaking.

Area: a little ways from Ibiza Town

Offices: showers, cafés, loungers, parasols, seashore shops, bars, knead, lifeguards

Exercises: Pedalos

Size: The seashore is reached out from 225 meters in length and 15 meters wide

Step by step instructions to reach there: Reached exclusively via vehicle (and personal ship!), follow signs from Ibiza Town and the air terminal. Stopping is genuinely acceptable however a lot of it is joined to the cafés so head for those.

Cala Jondal is an exceptionally delightful seashore, encircled by pines and rugged bluffs, well known with boat proprietors and a sleek group. It is one of the more up-market seashores on Ibiza, with an astounding determination of seashore eateries that are particularly mainstream with the rich and acclaimed just as more modest chiringuitos supported by local people.

Disregarded exclusively by a couple of impeccably architected homes high up on the encompassing green slopes, the white pebbly seashore is dabbed to a great extent with the shade of pine trees prior to slanting to the sparkling, perfectly clear waters. Many seashore clubs develop sandy parts and furnish safe access into the water with little extensions or slopes. After a couple of meters, the seabed is sandy, so washing is an unadulterated delight.

Many seashore clubs offer zodiac administration (taking a dinghy out to the breathtaking boats and yachts secured seaward to gather the proprietors to eat in their eateries). Most will likewise present to you the beverages straightforwardly to your boat - well that is the manner by which to live like a chief!

Seashore bars and eateries

There is a decent decision of well-known cafés at this seashore, many expecting you to book at ends of the week to stay away from disillusionment.

By the side of the Tropicana Beach Club is a back rub region, a shop selling beachwear, and an incredible seashore bar that frequently has unrecorded music on a Sunday. The Cala Jondal is additionally home to Blue Marlin Ibiza, quite possibly the most well-known VIP seashore clubs on the island.

Villa to rent at Cala Jondal, Ibiza Town: Villa Sira

This villa comprises of 25,000 sqm of private land close to explore the Cala Jondal Beach and boasts the luxurious views of the sea as well as the sensational sunsets. Villas ibiza presents the infinity pool among the maintained gardens. The villa offers all the features from business meetings to photo shoots and spending the unforgettable holidays.

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